Tantra (Pure Kamasutra) with Mantra (Pure Philosophy) is the key to happiness

May 9 2011 14:41

It is not for people with closed minds, who judge others, pass decisions on good or bad, set rules for society which they dont follow themselves and the weak people who think what others will say .......... to be happy

Happiness is freedom or mind, body and soul.......... it cannot be put in prison of desires, wants, needs, requirements and other bondages...........

If i like the rose........ i feel it , touch it, smell it, enjoy it and it gives me freedom and happiness .......... problem comes when we want to own it, hide it, keep it, control it and show it as our possesion to others..........

Come with me to open mind and feel free and enjoy what we want to enjoy and begin with the basic need of humanity .......... sex

Sex is in the mind which is ruled by the heart and guided by the senses........... it is not inbetween the legs ...........

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iamWalter t. May 10 2011 22:47

ok i understand your wish, i only want that you publically write that you excuse yourself for this unkind manner of being friend. just write that you made a mistake and that you are sorry for this nothing else

Blocked profile May 10 2011 22:31

Šitam arī vairāk nelejiet...

Exotic G. May 10 2011 22:29

Dear Waltere taking your advice now .... I dont wish to communicate with you :))

iamWalter t. May 10 2011 22:26

in a nutshell, you then decided to delete our friendship unilaterally. this is not nice neither gentle. i would have appreciated to be informed in advance, a short kind word saying "hey, our friendship is finished, sorry" not in silence, like a clandestine

Exotic G. May 10 2011 22:12

Dear Waltere..... inspite of your swipes i accepted you as friend.......... then i saw that instead of raising your level you are falling lower down......inorder to protect myself from being a saint and also falling low to pick you up..... i changed my mind and said to myself...... all cant be on top... some need to be down :))) Be happy and Enjoy ... u have wasted a lot of your time in negative thoughts... leave it .. world is very good and life is short enjoy it kid :))

iamWalter t. May 10 2011 22:08

maverick can you pls explain to me why you change mind so rapidly???

"sexy guy rejected invitation" after this comment below while you were my friend
"sexy guy confirmed your invitation"

if you can give me a public reason for this, i would appreciate it v.m.

Exotic G. May 10 2011 21:50

Ha Ha Ha ... Waltere i pity you :) Dont be jealous .. i will not rule the web like you .... i like to be with my friends in reality .......... Hahaha

iamWalter t. May 10 2011 21:46

i hate those people who just say "enjoy" or "be happy" because they are fundamentally alone with a weak Ego and silly life behind them. they are the result of divorced parents who just met for a while and created a mankind such as maverick, tipical result of a narcotic generation of unemployed boys who are spending most of their time in internet with the idea and the hope to find the virtual sexy girl of their life. Basically they are schizophrenic and diverted by the need to be protagonist of the web. they want to be hero just for one day.
I suggest to let them being happy with the few tools they have with them ie marijuana and self erotism.

Exotic G. May 10 2011 21:17

Thank you for the info .......... probably this person is right ...... probably he is wrong......... i cant judge nor do i want to judge ......... be happy and enjoy... when u smile the world smiles with u .. when u cry u cry alone :)))

Lizzy D. May 10 2011 21:14

Translating the quote. As it turns out, the correct term for the multiple dots is "ellipsis".
Imants Ziedonis -
All punctuation marks are imaginary. [..]
Ellipsis is silly and naive. Ellipsis is the punctuation mark of school girl love letters, the mark of puberty. Ellipsis is stammering when it cannot find the words. Silly ellipsis, infantile ellipsis. The shorter the mind, the longer the ellipsis. If a guy is writing a letter to girl with many ellipses then check if he has tattoos on his arms: snake, heart or naked woman. If a writer writes with ellipses then you know he is not a real writer yet. Ellipses take over the place of adult punctuation marks. [..]"

Exotic G. May 10 2011 20:58

Hello Lizzy... It took me just 25 mins for these posts ..... anyways.... i am maverik ....... the dots signify the change of thought and uncomplete sentences......
unfortunately i do not understand latvian but i guess you could let me know the jist of it. Thanks for taking ur time to read all this ........ be happy and enjoy :))

Lizzy D. May 10 2011 20:47

Ian doesn't need to spend that much time verifying, just seeing a few lengthy posts is enough.
One remark, if I may be so bold. If you cut down a bit the usage of multiple dots, then the postings would sound somewhat more serious ;) I could quote my favourite poet on that for you if you understood Latvian.

Exotic G. May 10 2011 20:25

Hello ... it seems you spend more time here tracking me :))) ........... my name is self explainatory :)

Ian F. May 10 2011 18:44

Quick question, why is your name Sexy Guy yet you spend alot of time here.

Exotic G. May 10 2011 08:32

Thank you Waltere.....it takes a stupid man to recognise another of his type :))..... however, philosophically thinking, the person lets out his or her ego and frame of mind and way of thinking by allowing himself/herself to think that they have the power to judge others ......... in the process they let others know what sort of thinking they have....... i hope that happiness, enjoyment, open mindedness and respect for others will guide your intellect ......... be happy and enjoy :))

iamWalter t. May 9 2011 23:36


Exotic G. May 9 2011 17:12

If there are any comments then pls in english .......... be happy and enjoy :))

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