ko nozime kadu milet

April 2 2012 18:02

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Blocked profile May 17 2012 12:06

Mīlestība sākas no gultas!!!    Te gan angļu Bloga pļurkst krieviski un latviski,nav nekādas kārtības!!!

Blocked profile April 2 2012 22:42

Waltere !
I already wrote - on your eyes was  pasted a money !
You never simply loved.. You do not know and do not understand that such simply to love the person.. Not its money - but a person!

iamWalter t. April 2 2012 22:30

i dont really care about love
i think that you can buy everything in life that it is why i prefer to concentrate my efforts to produce money than these thinghs of housewives like both of you.
if i have money and i pass to you you will listen to me and obbey and respect
it is not new nothing invented; money turns the world around, not a secretary job or an assistent of a medical cabinet
and it is not important how you produce money, the important is that you have a lot.
kisses to both of you

Blocked profile April 2 2012 22:18

If you do not want to translate the text, I shall help to you...
Everyone understands not equally a word "love"..
For one - word "love" - a kindness and sincerity... For others - word "love" - a thick purse and beautiful dress... Different concepts, but name equally - "love"...

Blocked profile April 2 2012 21:57

Waltere! You offend me and Lizzy! The Latvian and Russian languages - very normal!

iamWalter t. April 2 2012 21:34

can you PLEASE write in a normal language otherwise i have to use google trasnlation for these stiupid blogs.

beside, why both of you do not want lizzy and iamforever, want to meet me anymore in riga? you know that i cannot suffer the idea of being left alone after all what we ahve ahd togheter?

it is simply a question of respect, i am not asking the moon

Blocked profile April 2 2012 18:53

У каждого свои понятия слова "любить"..
Одни любят  за доброту и искренность... Другие "любят" за толстый кошелёк и  красивые шмотки... Понятия разные, а называют одинаково - любовь...

Lizzy D. April 2 2012 18:06

Tam nav konkrētas definīcijas. Mīli un tu zināsi, ko nozīmē mīlēt.

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