It is the life....

May 12 2012 09:43

Oo.. ! Heart... Do not be sad - Your worldly existence is not deserved,
Oo.. ! Eyes... Do not cry - It is enough for a smart recollection,
It is enough pain and injuries for us Sadness burning us....
Forgetting sadness is our desire, rejoicing in future hope
If worries are lengthened - it will be folded one day....

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Blocked profile May 13 2012 23:23

Again your phantasy..

iamWalter t. May 13 2012 22:43

i was too much patient with you waiting waiting and waiting too much i would say now
thinghs that i will never do it again now.....

Blocked profile May 13 2012 22:40

Waltere !
Promptly - to the psychiatrist! You are a patient!

iamWalter t. May 13 2012 21:45

yes you promised on the phone when i called you from the reval hotel in forgot it?

Blocked profile May 13 2012 21:12


iamWalter t. May 13 2012 21:04

you promised once that i could taste your lips and we could kiss forever, why now you change your mind? eh??

Blocked profile May 13 2012 20:50

Waltere !
My lips are my lips.. And taste of my lips can try only the some of  a men! You were not among those who has felt taste of my lips!

iamWalter t. May 13 2012 20:16

I am forvere, why do you reply to this stupid blog and not to mine where i ask a real question? don't you have such a lips and you avoid to face the cruel reality? eh??

bad b. May 13 2012 15:25

Think and do samting ,    time is pasing and we give a place for yangers to enjoj, reality or fantazy  

Blocked profile May 12 2012 23:50

A verses to  thinking .....

bad b. May 12 2012 13:16

Fantazy , and where is real;ity

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