L'éternité - Eternity....

May 16 2012 19:53

Que l 'homme est peu réel, qu'aisément il
s'efface! -
Présent, si peu de chose, et rien quand il
est loin.
Sa présence, ce n'est qu'un point,-
Et son absence - tout l'espace.

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Comments (18)

Karim X. June 7 2012 16:46

Fiodor Tiouttchev était un poète admirable :)

Forever J. May 18 2012 19:24

Karim Xavier May , Merci  

Blocked profile May 18 2012 06:22

Again your phantasy....

iamWalter t. May 17 2012 21:04

probably because you still love me?

Blocked profile May 17 2012 10:46

You do not guess why?  

iamWalter t. May 17 2012 08:27

IamForever, why now you blocked me? you wrote that it is my fault to speak in public about our relation, sorry also to you, i didn't know that this would have hurt you...today is not my day, apparently....

iamWalter t. May 16 2012 23:38

sorry but i didnt want to make you disappointing  

Karim X. May 16 2012 23:37

Quel poème dense et profond, félicitations!

Lizzy D. May 16 2012 23:35

Private dialogue you can keep private. Publicly offending a woman is a disgrace to the man. I understand everything, more than you think and I'm deeply disappointed.

Blocked profile May 16 2012 23:33

Waltere !   

iamWalter t. May 16 2012 23:28

lizzy this is a private dialogue between me and IamForever because we know each other apart from amigos, i dont want to explain online the meaning but who wants to understand can understand it

Lizzy D. May 16 2012 23:06

Waltere, I'm sorry to say this, but your last comment is a disgrace to nobody else but yourself!

Blocked profile May 16 2012 22:44

Waltere !
Do not specify what I can do, and what  -  I  impossible to do!

iamWalter t. May 16 2012 22:38

shut up housewife, do not comment my comments, continue to iron my clothes in SILENCE!!!

Blocked profile May 16 2012 22:29

Waltere! Why for  you  all the people  - idiots... Except for Waltere????

Blocked profile May 16 2012 21:51

Many words are told about eternity and about love...
But everyone finds the own words about  the own love...

Forever J. May 16 2012 21:21

Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment, chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie. ( Florian )

iamWalter t. May 16 2012 20:27

tu es simplement un idiote mais je n'ai pas encore compris si tu es une femme ou bien un gamin

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