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April 5 2014 23:51

Promises, Promises

You are God ! His words are trustworthy . 2 Samuel 07:28

As parents , we do a lot of promises to our children , committing to attend events or be available to help with homework or just buy a favorite brand of cereal . When we keep our promises , we are building a relationship of trust with our children . But when we break our word , which damage the ability of our children to trust us , others , and God .

Ted was a father who made ​​a promise after another , but rarely followed . He said to his daughter, " Samantha , we'll have a horse for you " comment to his son , " Bobby , give me a little time to rest , and I'll hit you some grounders . " Ted never made ​​time for anyone . When the children started walking away , Ted finally realized he needed to change. Until then , however, they learned to live without it ; his words no longer carried any weight . However , Ted was determined to regain lost ground with his família.Depois two years to keep their commitments , he began to gain back their confidence.

Your kids will have the ability to trust in order to form healthy relationships as adults and lay a firm faith in God . If you are distributing empty promises at home, do not wait another minute to mend his ways . Hear again the words of Jesus : " Let your ' Yes ' be ' Yes ' , and your 'No ' , 'No' " ( Matthew 5:37 ) .

Before saying good night ...
You keep your promises to your children?

Your children see you keeping promises to others?

What promises you need to get to meet ?

Heavenly Father , we know how important it is to keep our word . Let's think before we speak and act on our words , so we can be models of integrity and trust for our families . Help us to be his faithful servants . Amen .

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Blocked profile April 6 2014 17:32

Tev nebūs nelietīgi valkāt-lietot dieva vārdu!...savtīgais Zemes parazīts

Skaidrīte G. April 6 2014 07:37

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