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fannija n. July 26 2015 03:32

black place , very interesting :))))

kamil s. July 23 2015 20:33

but there is nothink

Blocked profile July 19 2015 15:52

this you go

Blocked profile July 19 2015 15:49

Blocked profile July 19 2015 12:56

stupid blog idiote remove it or i call webmaster

Blocked profile July 19 2015 12:25

why you look profile you been hacked.
remove this profile or expose you

Elza M. July 19 2015 09:03


good shape for being 42 vizina!!

Blocked profile July 18 2015 00:55

walter you knew that your dick never stand up till put something in your ass you never feel anything till stsfied your femle inside you

Blocked profile July 18 2015 00:53

you have a plastic pussy do you like to suck cock or have it your pretend to be a female because you love cock and are gay.
no such person elza you are walter the gay italian from roma.

Blocked profile July 18 2015 00:06

walter you have alittle dick and alittle brain it does work properly hahaha

Elza M. July 17 2015 23:22

disgusting so little so awful

Nicole W. July 17 2015 20:02


Blocked profile July 12 2015 14:52

Tas esmu!!

Elza M. July 11 2015 16:17

underwear with money impressed on..

impressive meaning of his life, thinking to sex and money, what a poor person...

Elza M. July 10 2015 03:03
inessa s. July 9 2015 02:07

You are fake profile and you know it you idiot.
you must hate yourself then if you hate fake people.
you are sick seen what you do on Amigos.
All those wasted years writing to people on here with your Elza profile whats your problem?
if you chose real life you would not do what you do you are not normal.
you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror you will see a man who is forty five not some woman from years agoyYour brain is outdated like your elza photos and does not work properly.

Elza M. July 8 2015 22:21

elina safina is a fake profile
you are behind thousand of fakes
i hate fake people in virtual and real life
i choose real life not illness

Elina S. July 5 2015 23:51

Hope you liked the photo

Garry G. July 5 2015 19:29

When you having hormone treatment and getting breast implants weirdo?

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