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WALTER T. June 26 2015 00:17

shut your mouth photo spunker

Elza M. June 25 2015 22:56

deleted profile and sinked, poff idiot

walter t. June 19 2015 21:34

is there an echo here? you just put the same thing on your other thread you ugly wop moron lol!. nothing to say for yourself walter (elza)? must be all that spunking on photos its playing with your retarded mind lol

Elza M. June 19 2015 20:16

put finger in your ass and move it


walter t. June 8 2015 12:38

yes we know you are a good cock sucker walter(elza) you fuckin bender! lol. you either post porn pictures or photos you have spunked on    says a lot about you really don't you think? you are not of sound mind i believe   . You weird, sad, wop  bastardo!

Elza M. June 7 2015 23:15

you are blocked

walter p. May 27 2015 13:23

I wouldn't even shit on your face if you paid me you wop fag lol. You spit in my face? really? how exactly? virtually? you talk like a five year old child you wop slag. No wonder you are a social inadequate who's never even had a girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter). Nice photo you just posted below, maybe you can spunk on it....its what you are good at

Elza M. May 25 2015 23:29

this is my spit to your face after i eat onions and garlic, poor idiot

and i have blocked you so you go to hell and i spit your face once again, IDIOT!

walter s. May 24 2015 23:30

If your hate people with double personalities so much Walter you must really hate yourself as you pretend to be "Elza" and a man pretending to be a woman must be the biggest double personality out there lol. Shows you have mental health and self loathing issues hence the wanking on photos and the pretending to be a woman shit lol. We need to get you a shrink fuckface  

walter s. May 24 2015 23:19

And say hello to your "1000 friends" for me....wherever they are now cunt!

walter s. May 24 2015 23:18

"I hate harassment from idiot double personality people" fuckin hilarious Walter seeing as you are pretending to be a woman called "Elza"   classic case of a double personality don't you think wop faggot?lol it excites you pretending to be a woman talking to men on this site whilst wNking your pencil cock and spunking on photos lol. You need physchiatric  help fucktard lol. Mental health issues, special needs...and you are a trans gender fag lol

Elza M. May 24 2015 22:18

derty sun of a bithc you and your mother idiot you are dismissed and blocked
i hate harassment from idiot double personality pepople

walter t. May 24 2015 21:26

fuckin cockhole lol

walter t. May 24 2015 21:26

where the police???

walter t. May 24 2015 21:26


walter t. May 24 2015 21:25

oh shut up  walter (elza) you pathetic piece of transgender photo spunking excrement lol. You already have cancer of the cock thats why its so small and red   that and you wanting onto photos on a daily basis you cat dicked wop  lady boy lol

Elza M. May 24 2015 20:03

comment #100 will be written by someone who has genital cancer and mother to die and father divorced and with double personality

walter t. May 24 2015 15:44

walters (elza) sore red maggot dick fuckin hilarious

walter t. May 24 2015 15:42

haha go ahead you sad old goofy toothed wop!lol I'm still waiting for the police and webmaster from two years ago you dyed haired faggot  

Elza M. May 23 2015 23:06

if you dont stop of harassing me i call the webmaster and show all these evidences of pishing

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