Walter is a habitual wanker!

February 23 2015 22:56

Just saying!

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Elina S. July 8 2015 04:22


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Raisa O. February 28 2015 23:30

Atef V. February 24 2015 17:17

Oh Walter is paying for that!! U don't need to pay him lol!

Andy T. February 24 2015 16:30

come work at my brothel walter! you can suck cocks for 1 euro ! buy some of mums pasta with that u can!

Paul T. February 23 2015 23:32

I heard he eats mens bum raisins    

Atef V. February 23 2015 23:26

Yes never out of his shitty mummy's room, wanking on his old comp, all glued there lol!

He's a fag with a tenth of a spaghetti as a dick lol!

Once a week he go dance his gay's salsa with his 4 idiot friends lol! They go to shitty chip shops! As dirty as Alishan and Namo Adore's one lol!

Where Walter is sucking cock sometimes (the dirtiest the best, and in Namo's Derby's chip shop it's the top lol)

Blocked profile February 23 2015 22:59

disgusting italian pervert is walter.

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