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YesLove is real
1. I have had a taste and it is real. I lost my love but now that I know it, i know it. Love is amazing and can set the heart free. My love is lost because he had to do the right thing and be with his wife. But what I felt was very real.

Love does exist. There are plenty of examples every where of how love and why love exists. There are some people that will willingly take a bullet for some one because they love them that much. There are some people that will give up basically every thing they have for one person, and that is love.

No love does not exist?
Love is an illusion
Argument from a 17 years old personal experience.

I agree that I am pretty young, but since I was born I have never seen true love. People do date and they do marry each other , but they do that because of their selfish reasons. I have been in relationships a few times, but that was enough for me to understand that true love doesn't exist. Once I loved a man older than I am, and I was desperate about him, I allowed him to be really close to me, but all he wanted was sex so he left me in a year. He said he loved me more than life itself but would he go away if it was truth? I don't believe in love; my parents never loved each other, they never told each other they love one another, never hugged or kissed. I tried to love someone too, but I am not capable, I am not capable to get attached to a person, I never loved someone first, I really tried..... But I wish love existed.

Let me tap my heels together, and wave my magic wand.
Let's be realistic here, love has to be one of the worst ideas ever invented. It doesn't make sense, but the supporters of love say that it proves itself. I have yet to see a bad idea fall from the sky, and land in my lap. I have been trying to convince the world around me that it is a delusional form of reality based upon the notion that everything is 'happily ever after.' It's an age old lie that was created by poetic minds, and embedded in religious doctrines such as the Bible. When I looked at what love is, I thought it resembled the last work of Dr. Seuss. "Love is this, Love is That, and a Little Bit of Everything.'

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Geoff A. November 20 2015 23:41

Samy a. November 20 2015 23:32

Geoff, my last sex was last week,you?

Geoff A. November 20 2015 23:26

Samy abd November 10 23:35
when was your last sex?

Elina S. November 19 2015 23:57

vai Tev patīk erotiskā masāža, ka tādas bildītes

walter t. November 19 2015 22:32

Curry and chips please luv!

walter t. November 19 2015 22:27


jeff j. November 19 2015 21:40

Samy why copy and paste from internet would be better if it came from your own words and thoughts?

Raisa O. November 19 2015 14:32

Samy a. November 18 2015 22:06

ļoti jauki, man patika

Elina S. November 18 2015 21:56

Uzdāvini man nedaudz Mīlestības,-
Rožu ziedos izauklētas.
Uzdāvini man nedaudz Laimes.-
Tavā dvēs’lē sasildītas.Uzdāvini man prieka druskas;-
Tavās acīs ierakstītas.
Uzdāvini man nedaudz gaismas;-
Tevis pašas izstarotas.Uzdāvini man dzīves likstas;-
Mūsu pašu izdzīvotas.
Uzdāvini man gulbju dejas;-
Mūsu laimes simboliku.

Samy a. November 14 2015 19:09

thank you

Blonde L. November 14 2015 16:36

i okay

Zenta S. November 14 2015 13:02

Mīlestība pastāv,bet starp cilvēkiem,kuri ir spējīgi dot,nevis tikai ņemt!

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