Walter... elza minze, the police and much shit comes out his mouth it's hilarious!

May 14 2016 01:28

He's a very retarded fucka! Someone buy him a leather handbag please!cunt!

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WALTER C. May 20 2016 19:36

i laugh at your fag face every day you steaming turd!

Blocked profile May 19 2016 20:46

we will see who laugh the first either you or me

WALTER C. May 16 2016 03:09

Shut up Walter you fuckin mug!

Blocked profile May 15 2016 23:04

now stop publishing idiot blogs, ok?

WALTER C. May 15 2016 11:13

Glory holes again?? Proves you have first hand experience of them you sad fucka.... That and you are watching too much glory hole porn you serial masturbator!  

Blocked profile May 14 2016 22:11

you go gloryhole

WALTER F. May 14 2016 21:10

faggot wop!

Blocked profile May 14 2016 20:58

wipe yours  dirty arab

WALTER C. May 14 2016 14:55

wipe your ass cum hole! lol

Blocked profile May 14 2016 13:26

wipe your mouth smelly breth

jeff j. May 14 2016 12:35

Got agree there.

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