Please recommend good LV-Eng or Eng-LV dictionaries with many explanation and examples for Latvian learners! Thank you!

December 23 2012 08:00

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Blocked profile december 24 2012 17:19 His answers

I don't know how good it is, but this is one I use.. also offers alternatives and examples when you translate..

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Blocked profile december 25 2012 21:54 Her answers

Yes....  ( is a good dictionary


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Blocked profile december 26 2012 13:13 Her answers

I will not agree about the translate.Google. Perhaps for separate words it can give some answers, but to translate whole texts either way (en-lv or lv-en)... That will just yield some totally garbled text from which only someone who already knows both languages can make any sense. Latvian grammar is just too complex for it. Sorry, I cannot offer good alternatives, but I just wanted to warn against total trust in that translator. Especially when I've seen people trying to pass those translations as knowledge of language when it's so obviously wrong.
P.S. Try to get the hand dictionary if you can. Although again, it will not help you much with grammar and sentence structure.

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