Any girls want chat in english

February 12 2010 00:43

Want to speak with some nice girls and get new contacts

Keywords: chat35, english81

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Answers (4)

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Ian F. february 12 2010 01:54 His answers

i'm chatting with one now, shes Latvian but we go out drinking together quite alot :-)

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orhan t. february 12 2010 19:19 His answers

why the girls wanna chat englihs so they wanna make pratising or they are so interseted with english or it is trade language

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Danuta L. february 12 2010 20:41 Her answers

Holy Hell orthan! Are you on a "Google translation" prescription?

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Lizzy D. february 14 2010 22:32 Her answers

Anna, if he was on "", then he wouldn't have made so many spelling mistakes!
Orhan - what other options to communicate between 2 people of different nationalities do you offer? Latvian? Turkish? There might be some slight problems if the other side doesn't understand you.

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