The word Beautiful

April 15 2010 09:55

If you was going to comment someones photograph by saying how beautiful they are and wasn't sure of the spelling of that word wouldn't you at least spellcheck it instead of putting butiful or something like that?

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Lizzy D. april 15 2010 10:44 Her answers

Whoa, you're up early!
I would spell check it (even though I am quite unlikely to comment "beautiful" on somebody's photos :D). I am still spell-checking some more complex words where I am not fully sure of spelling or meaning, because that helps also me to increase my vocabulary. And at least it shows some respect to the person to whom I am talking.

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eM r. april 15 2010 13:08 His answers

soo, i also want to ask that what if a prety girl -in terms of physical appearence- would have commented on ur pics with that corrupted usage of english, how would u feel? Bad? My answer would be no, in my point of view, it just depends on what she tries to say, and whether i interested in her, thats all..

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Blocked profile april 15 2010 17:55 Her answers

I always spell-check if I don't know how the word is spelled right. I try to write gramatically correct in all languages I know.
But I won't be mad and tell a person to use a dictionary if he tells me something good bus misspelled. So I agree with Emre on this point.

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Blocked profile april 15 2010 22:51 Her answers

Sometimes I forget english completely when i see someone... and the last thing i think about is spell-check...

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