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Lizzy D. april 20 2010 13:23Her answers

Well, one good point is that the Winston Churchill of amigos does not really ask us to believe that he is the real (late) Winston Churchill.
But there are plenty of petty celebrity profile fakes, that put in the pictures of their represented celebrities and pose as them, even not being fully able to speak English. I've seen Miley Cyris (or what was her name), Robert Patison (his spelling) and if you look at the blogs, then all top bloggers are people pretending to be obscure celebrities (as revealed by quick check in google).
So the question remains open. Why? They will never answer that, alas!

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rob d. april 19 2010 23:58 His answers

good question.  what is to be gained by this?
there seem to be more fake profiles here lately.

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Ian F. april 20 2010 03:37 His answers


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Blocked profile april 20 2010 11:23 Her answers

Your profile is also fake, it's not like you're Winston Churchill))
But this question should be asked to people who have fake profiles. But they will never tell that they're fake...:(

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jay z. april 21 2010 18:26 His answers

no one is thinking, the website owner put them just to make the few members feel we so much here? well there are lots of marketing strategy and i bet u it cud be one of them...meanwhile, some make fake profile to catch play boys and play girls....e.g boyfriend trying to catch girlfriend or girlfriend trying to catch boyfriend cheating...guess these are two major reasons i cud imagine cos no one wud go through the stress of a fake profile just for fun ;)

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