A big question for everyone thats not from Latvija

May 6 2010 12:06

How did you make friends in Latvia? was it through work like me?

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Answers (5)

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eM r. may 6 2010 14:45 His answers

lucky u! I m not working in service business, so not even possible to meet with a latvian somehow.. I m using online tools(instead of ur drinks) also coming to latvia..

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Liene L. may 6 2010 22:39 Her answers

Ian, do you really need more?  

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Winston C. may 7 2010 22:56 His answers

Seems that this is a no goer question... and i think the 99.9% answer is amigos, that's why there are no answers  

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rob d. may 10 2010 04:03 His answers

I think my only 'friends' from Latvia could only be from amigos.  Not many Latvians live where I live...

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Blocked profile may 10 2010 05:52 Her answers

ohhh that is discrimination    

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