What is Friendship?

June 11 2010 21:41

Does Friendship means love? Some people considered friendship as only romantic relationship while friend is something else.  Do you know what is it?

I don't think sex, nationality, language, or age are the main factors of the true and pure friendship.  Please help me finding the right meaning.

Thank you all.

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Answers (3)

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Blocked profile june 12 2010 02:22 His answers

Your so right

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sajid h. june 12 2010 04:43 His answers

If friendship was synonymous with love then there would not be 2 words to describe one idea. LOVE is the emotion you feel for someone/something so strongly that you want to protect them with your life. Friendship, on the other hand, makes you want to sacrifice for someone who would make the same sacrifice for you. Love is usually based on sexual desire. LOVE and FRIENDSHIP both are not based on nationality, creed, religion etc.

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Winston C. june 15 2010 20:43 His answers

You still ripping off Yahoo Answers (TM), can you be so kind to stop it and be more creative?

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