Why men walk more and women talk more?

June 28 2010 01:42

for  fun :)

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rob d. june 28 2010 03:17His answers

That is a very difficult question to answer.
I still have not found an answer to this question:
"Why do girls and women are not brave at all times"
These questions must truly be the mysteries of life.  Right?

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orhan t. june 28 2010 09:42 His answers

men dont walk more but women speak a lot because they have many reasons to be speech and think all things so huge and differently

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Edy g. june 28 2010 11:36 His answers

actually women walk mucher than men..coz they love buying-selling:))and to buy something, they need to walk..:)
but it is thrue that they talk so much...may be they need to be listened...

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Ian F. june 29 2010 16:22 His answers

Not all women are the same and not all men are the same

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Mandy J. july 1 2010 21:30 Her answers

actually men talk more

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