I come to Latvija with motorbike!!!! Do you can to host me?

July 15 2010 10:31

Cau, mani sauc Simon un es esmu italiesu zens.
Man patik celot ar motociklu, lai Eiropa un es veletos satikt jaunus cilvekus un nodarbojas ar kulturam at kiras no raktuve.
Gada augusta man ir ar velosipedu, Baltijas valstis (Lietuva, Latvija un Igaunija).
Jus brinums, ja jus varat pielagot 1 vai 2 naktis.
Man patik, ka man bija zinat, vieta, kur jus dzivojat. Tapat butu jauki, atbilst da iem draugiem. Es saktu no mana pilseta (Asti, netalu Turina) par 1 augusta.
Paldies, un sagaida savu atbildi.

Keywords: moci14, italija9, simon2, motorbike0, host1

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Answers (6)

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Lizzy D. july 15 2010 18:13 Her answers

I told you, don't use computer-based translators for Latvian! The text doesn't make much sense as it is now.
P.S. if you want to reach Latvians, then you should change the language settings to Latvian and only then publish it. Now only a few Latvians will read it, and many of them will not be living in Latvia anyway.

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rob d. july 15 2010 20:20 His answers

I can't help you Simon because to reach the USA by motorbike would be difficult.

You might have better results if you try http://www.couchsurfing.org/

There are many contacts from Latvia listed.  Good luck!

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antonio a. july 15 2010 22:49 His answers

buon viaggio.. se cerchi casa .a riga ..chiama o ostello 338 5756496

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Ian F. july 16 2010 17:42 His answers

Even the English title has grammar that is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike lol

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Thomas S. july 17 2010 12:55 His answers

Hallo Simon.
We live in a small village, Baltinava, 6 km from russia. If you are interested, send a mail to me and tell more about yourself. I will then send you photos and tell about us.
Thomas Sjöstedt
Mail: thomas_sjostedt@inbox.lv

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Roosevelt T. july 18 2010 03:03 His answers

He just want to find a friend and you always talking about computer-based translators

how a sick girl you are Verdo....stop giving advice to him...just hire him...you live in latvia and you help him....i m sure even your husband doesnt care .....

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