how is life good or bad

July 29 2010 00:50

what do you think about your life is it good or bad

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Blocked profile july 29 2010 12:42Her answers

Roosie, you've got a special ability telling the opposite of the truth all the time.
I guess then your life is sad, lonely and bad.
Mine is great:)

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Roosevelt T. july 29 2010 01:46 His answers

My life is god but Lina's life is awful

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rob d. july 29 2010 01:59 His answers

life is ALWAYS good compared to the alternative.

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Brainwork B. july 29 2010 12:57 His answers

is the glass half full or half empty

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MOHAMED N. july 30 2010 02:19 His answers

if you look to the best side of this life ,you find it just goooooood just good nooooooooo bad

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Jordan U. august 1 2010 23:55 His answers

If i have goal in my,that's good.
When you don't know what you want when it is very bad.

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