İs it possible to live without money ;))

November 25 2009 23:01

lets think like that, your living a world peoples are not using any cash !! peoples are using something exchange system..would be ınterestıng communıty rıght..

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Karim X. november 26 2009 16:53 His answers

It's what happened in Argentina after the financial crisis of 2001... Currency wasn't worth anything, people started to exchange services each in their own business field.. it saved the society...

Closer to us there are many social internet sides where people exchange services too.. I borrow u that, u borrow me that, I help u with that, u help me with that...

The more the world becomes global, the more people are seeking a shelter in the local... and it goes also by stopping the dictatorship of money...

Communities appear here and there... hmm, exciting world we are living in, other people probably has many comments and experiences to share about that topic...

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MOHAMED N. november 27 2009 03:18 His answers


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mairita t. november 27 2009 10:31 Her answers

not to me:))

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