Terry Jones ( Guilty or Not Guilty? )

September 9 2010 05:00

"International Burn A Koran Day"
We are not against Christians neither Jews, we are only against one sick person called "Terry Jones" that the government of USA must stop him from burning the holy book of Muslims

September 9 2010 05:01

September 10 2010 01:14

there is big  Differences between what nature make from all kind of problems on world and this person  

Misfortunes .....etc
  all of this problems we faced belong to GOD
we cant even Discussing about it .. its not in our hands
but this person (Terry Jones) Attack Muslim's and he wana burn Koran ,, that means he did not even show some respect for the God that he also belive in it .. God who send this book for people.  
and really my Qustion was not hint to any kind of Earth Misfortunes it was about is this guy Guilt Or Not !!!!!!!!

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Ian F. september 9 2010 20:22His answers

its a bit of a silly thing to do I guess but its a book, there are many other copies so dont get so worked up over it. There are floods in Pakistan, Fires in Russia and earthquakes in New Zealand, isn't that more important than a book?

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Blocked profile september 9 2010 21:59 Her answers

Have to agree with Ian. OK, I don't see how a burning of a single copy of the book can help anyone. Besides that's not what I would do with any book. But on the other hand - I also don't see the reason of getting really worked up about it. It is still just a copy of a book, there's millions of them, I assume. And even if a few copies of them are burnt, I would say that the message, the main idea in them still lives on through other books and minds of people, despite whatever is done to those few copies of books.

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rob d. september 10 2010 00:45 His answers

Totally agree with Ian and Lizzy here.
Is it hurting people?
Or is it merely a waste of natural resources(trees / paper)?
Is it offensive to you?
There are plenty of other terrible things happening in the world that could use one's attention and energy.  Why waste attention and energy thinking about a nutty USA citizen engaged in some useless attention-seeking act?

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Winston C. september 10 2010 20:58 His answers

And when are you going to stop burning flags, pictures, dummies etc??? It's just a book anyway, I prefer Alice in wonderland... much better that that crap!

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peter j. september 11 2010 00:19 His answers

I will give anybody 25 million dollars to show me their God in person, so I can shake his  or her hand in friendship

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Roosevelt T. september 11 2010 17:49 His answers

FckedWinston raped for the long time when he was a child....From that time he dont believe the God...such kind of tragic event may may destroy a human mind...

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