Do you know what????

October 6 2010 18:27

What’s hairy on the outside and moist inside, begins with a 'C' ends with a 'T' and has U' and 'N' in the middle?

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Blocked profile october 6 2010 22:06Her answers

Coconut :)

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orhan t. october 6 2010 18:33 His answers

do you know  what?
there is a man who knows what he knows he doesnt know what he doesnt know he is the king fallow him.

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Andy R. october 7 2010 02:11 His answers

lol nice....

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Blocked profile october 7 2010 07:17 His answers

Ja, My Ex Girl Friend  

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Winston C. october 7 2010 22:10 His answers

Wait! Wait! Let me guess... Is that your real name???  

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