are we alone?

August 30 2011 19:31

are we alone in this universe?or are there any other life forms?

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Lizzy D. august 30 2011 19:52 Her answers

"'ll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us... seems like an awful waste of space. Right?"
(Movie "Contact")
Or you can take a ride with the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and see it from the fun side.

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Blocked profile august 31 2011 01:49 Her answers


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iamWalter t. august 31 2011 21:58 His answers

adam, do you think this is an important question nowdays??? don't you believe that there are so many other problems to be solved such as the economy fallback, the stock exchange speculations, the price of the gold rising every day as well as the unemployement rate increasing worldwide?
are u a student or do you have a monthly salary?

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lion i. september 1 2011 01:36 His answers

we are see it when you sleep

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rob d. september 1 2011 10:35 His answers

"We are not alone."

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