Is unemployment a real problem in Latvia or lack of attitude to work among gorls of Latvia?

September 16 2011 14:14

Reference to my question see my blog with clear job offer for girls of Latvia having basic education, computer knowledge, skill in English, PC at home & web cam.
1) Latvian Girls needn't work because they have enough money by tradition.
2) Latvian Girls don't want to work due to dependent mentality on parent/husband?
3) Latvian Girls don't have the required quality for the job.
4) The job type is not matching with the mentality of Latvian Girls.
5) The job type is not viable to implement in Latvia.
6) If the job type is not viable for Latvia then why it works in other countries.
7) There is no poor people in Latvia and so the job type is not viable in Latvia.
8) The Latvian Girls are not aware of this job availability.
9) This question will give awareness to the Latvian Girls of this site first and then can spread by mouth publicity.
10) Hope this question will help to get awareness and the required girls to work.

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Ian F. september 17 2011 17:29 His answers

This blog is a load of b*llsh*t, in London there are many Latvian girls making their own way in life. Trust me I know

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