I am looking for super sexy girl to marry. Is there anybody in amigos?

September 16 2011 15:44

Interested girls can answer here and then can mail me to supersexyguy@inbox.lv

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Ian F. september 17 2011 17:30His answers

if you're that supersexy you can meet girls anywhere rather than sitting online all the time.

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Blocked profile september 16 2011 18:08 His answers

Get A life Jackass, or move to Latvija.........Some of the most prettiest women
live there, as well as all Eastern Europe

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Karmena K. september 16 2011 15:45 Her answers

You looking super sexy girl.Ramona.

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iamWalter t. september 16 2011 21:44 His answers

if you think to be funny or hilarious with such a blog, you are completely wrong because AMIGOS is not a website for desperate people like you are.
i suggest to go away from here, ok??

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orhan t. september 16 2011 22:43 His answers


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