March 11 2012 22:26

hello can somebody please invite me to draugiem.lv

my adress: ray_2112@inbox.lv

Keywords: draugiem.lv6

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Blocked profile march 14 2012 16:50Her answers

About what you can speak with people? Only about sex and money????
It seems, that on the  yours eyes is  Ls or EUR.. or $....

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Ian F. march 12 2012 13:17 His answers


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iamWalter t. march 12 2012 22:44 His answers

   i believe in your frank and candid request, reicik, but to avoid any surprise happened with other similar request, you would be obliged to pay me 50 lats for guarantee that you dont want to be a friend only for collection or for fun. Because i believe in real friendship.

my bank account you can have it if you reply in private manner, not here.

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