Can w.a.l.t.e.r. be anything else than a fool ?? or depressed ? rejected ?

April 22 2012 23:46

there is a man who is rejected by the woman of his own country and claims to look for love in Latvia where he neither lives nor works....has nature cheated him by not giving brains ?? Let all people answer.... ofcourse the negative and jealous mind will comment.. but we need to forgive him .... can we pray for him ?

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Blocked profile april 23 2012 09:04 Her answers

It is possible to regret him. As I always speak - not always money give happiness to the person...
Though.... I'm not sure, that he is so rich person as he writes. In fact we cannot check up it..

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Kevin M. april 23 2012 12:15 His answers

could he possibly be a cunt?

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iamWalter t. april 24 2012 23:42 His answers

                        t  h  i  s      i  s      a  n     i  d  i  o  t    b  l  o  g  

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