Obsession with Rīga and Latvija

20. mai 2010. 12:26

I don't get it, its a lovely country but its a big world. England also has nice places and nice girls to. Maybe some of you don't have friends in your own country. I worked with Latvians and I know some here in the UK but some of you men are obsessed.

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eM r. 20. mai 2010. 17:12

ofcourse there are, and ofcourse i m going to other countries, too.. So?

Dzēsts profils 20. mai 2010. 16:53

Riga is full obsessed sextourist...  

Ian F. 20. mai 2010. 14:32

to see new places, experience new things

eM r. 20. mai 2010. 14:30

why should i choose somewhere else if i am ok with that?

Ian F. 20. mai 2010. 13:29

but are there not other places to go?

eM r. 20. mai 2010. 13:28

on behalf of myself, i would define that as "addiction" instead of obsession..