Why are one night stands not popular with women ??? and why do men love it?

25. aug 2011. 10:29

In the world there seems to be this view that commitment is necessary for having sex. All society recognizes that sex is one of the basic needs like food air, water.... everybody needs it in different quantities ........... do we ask for long term or serious relation when we go to eat food on a date? do we ask for serious relation when we breather air and drink water with a date ?? why is it so important that sex is subjected to conditions............. especially when from centuries it is the most growing and regular act of humans................ comment pls

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Exotic G. 4. mai 2012. 14:05

one night stands are not popular with women coz they want the same one to stand every night ..... the women take some time to get it right :)))

with guys it is popular coz .... just need to work tonight :)

Exotic G. 26. aug 2011. 11:19

Hey Rambo  :) ur comments are always Super !! however the point that is sought to be discussed is why women who may want multiple no strings attached sex is also not free from taboo in any society........... Like Lizzy rightly pointed out  when women have many she is called slut and when man has many he is casanova ............ i feel both men and women should be free from such labelling ......... it is a basic need and a person individual desire and decision

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To me if it doesn't mean anything then why do it, It's been 7 years for me, I know it's along time but these days, I'd rather be safe than be sorry...... HIV "No Thanks"

Dzēsts profils 25. aug 2011. 12:57

Well, this book is more a biology book about evolution, but that particular chapter enlightens the basis of sexual (or biologically speaking - reproductive) relationships which are quite similar among the animals in general.
Of course, kama sutra is another aspect of it, but that apparently didn't answer the particular question you are asking in the title, because it gave the opposite thought.

Exotic G. 25. aug 2011. 11:40

Thanks for the reference, i will try to get this book, i have studied original kamasutra shastra........ and you will be surprised that this sexual liberty of women, how they must conduct themselves and ready themselves etc was spoken very nicely and respectfully thousands of years ago....... it means that women sexual liberty was prevalent from thousands of years ago and the same can be seen in sculptors in India and the eastern region............ polygamy and free indulgence in sex was very much there but not in the public domain.......... my point is same...........we dont have to print in news papers the sexual liberty of women and nothing wrong ( if she takes all reasonable protection and clever decisions) if she decides to have some no strings attached fun on the side.............. nothing wrong or bad in it ..........:))))

Dzēsts profils 25. aug 2011. 11:34

If I was you, I would read the book "Selfish gene" by Richard Dawkins, at least the chapter on the battle of sexes and how the various commitment/philandering strategies are being kept. That might give you a good idea why women nowadays can be free to have relationships, but that in essence it goes deep down to instincts. You would be surprised how much of our actions are actually governed or at least influenced by ancient biological instincts.

Exotic G. 25. aug 2011. 11:29

risk is in all aspects of life ... but ur points are taken well

Dzēsts profils 25. aug 2011. 11:24

Yes, there are plenty of protection but there's nothing that is 100% sure, except for total abstinence. Therefore there is always a risk involved.

Exotic G. 25. aug 2011. 10:58

Dear Lizzy -- Wonderful points.... but woman are clever, there is sufficient protection available for both sides to prevent accidental seed planting :)),
I would say that women who love sex and variety are anyways enjoying sex with many men as and when they get the chance............. men too are not very happy to announce that they sleep with many women.... (at least respectable men)...

So in the long thinking... i think these valid points that you have raised are not strong barriers.... for example if a woman husband cheats then women sees nothing wrong in cheating him ............ so what is the basis... if done in revenge ( a negative aspect) then it is OK ... and if done for pleasure ( positive aspect) then a slut ?? we need to think more on this ..................

Dzēsts profils 25. aug 2011. 10:49

You have to realize the different biology involved. When a man sleeps with many woman, he is cool, he can be called a womanizer but still cool. When a woman sleeps with many men, she is just called a slut. That's how society thinks.
Secondly, women can have much more serious consequences from such one-night stands than men. Men can just go and spread their seed and then back out. It doesn't work like that for the women. That's why it has long been evolved in our thinking that women are looking for long term commitment and men - for as many as possible. of course, there are exceptions everywhere, but this is the general idea.