Rİhanna-Diamonds (who do u want to see diamonds in the sky with me)

29. nov 2012. 21:58

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Golden M. 15. mar 2013. 19:35

i like this song ;)

Naete N. 18. dec 2012. 20:43

Dzēsts profils 15. dec 2012. 17:17

sky with you

Dzēsts profils 3. dec 2012. 13:18

Kevin M. 1. dec 2012. 22:25

Go to court then! Lol.....see how far that gets you! The same as calling the police idiot! Lol. You are a homosexual who uses many different names and profiles to post pictures if your cock fetish! Your time here is coming to and end!! LOL

iamWalter t. 1. dec 2012. 21:44

if you say again this i can record this a nd sue you to court
watch out idiot analphapet lorry driver!

Kevin M. 1. dec 2012. 13:20

I think you right!

OLMECA D. 1. dec 2012. 13:06

yeah body there are a lot sexuality photo walter's profile.i think he is a gay man...

Kevin M. 1. dec 2012. 12:36

You can talk Walter! Look at all the pictures of naked men and the disgusting videos you put up! Lol....IDIOT!!!!

OLMECA D. 1. dec 2012. 11:20

Heyy walter who are you that warn me?? and this should be a bad joke...there are a lot of pornography photos,honor,sexuality.... things!!!why dont you like rihanna video clip that millions people watch her????

iamWalter t. 1. dec 2012. 10:39

olmeca, i warn you! the user agreemnt clearly states that:

The images and photos published by the user must not
contain pornography,
hurt pride and honor,
contain undisclosed sexuality,
encourage the use of drugs and alcohol,
contain politically incorrect information,
violate any copyrights,
portray or induce to any illegal activity.

Dzēsts profils 30. nov 2012. 23:00

good video i saw rihanna in concert last year.