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Lizzy D. 16. dec 2015. 14:32 Viņas atbildes

Njā... Man nav dārza un nav arī zaļo īkšķīšu, un istabas augi ir tie, kas spēj izdzīvot visos apstākļos :D Bet gribas, tomēr gribas dārzu gan!

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Lizzy D. 9. aug 2014. 22:08 Viņas atbildes

As far as I can understand (my russian is quite limited), it's mostly place names.
- Vostok (place name)
- Kama (no translation, so I assume it also have to be place name, google maps says it could also be a river)
- [something multiple] of Kirov (also place)
- Russia
- lightning

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Lizzy D. 9. feb 2013. 15:53 Viņas atbildes

Denis, Tev arī laimīgu un bagātīgu Jauno Čūskas gadu! Rīt arī mēs to svinēsim, jo mana radiniece ir no Ķīnas.

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Lizzy D. 8. jan 2013. 11:30 Viņas atbildes

"Mans" simply means "my" (possession), usually goes with a noun, e.g., "mans zīmējums" (my drawing).
"Manis" is a rather special form related to "mans", it could in certain cases mean "by me" together with a passive form of verb.
For example, "Šis zīmējums ir 'manis' zīmēts" (This drawing is 'by me' drawn). NB! I'm keeping the Latvian word order in translation.

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Lizzy D. 2. jan 2013. 19:56 Viņas atbildes

The other answer giver, the one who calls himself Walter, unfortunately is not fit to give answers in this issue as he is not an inhabitant of Latvia and with his limited experience is unfit to give such answers. The biggest of Art universities is Art Academy of Latvia Unfortunately here also my knowledge ends but I am sure there are also smaller colleges or isolated study programs which specialize in various aspects of art and design. Let Google be your friend!

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Lizzy D. 26. dec 2012. 13:13 Viņas atbildes

I will not agree about the translate.Google. Perhaps for separate words it can give some answers, but to translate whole texts either way (en-lv or lv-en)... That will just yield some totally garbled text from which only someone who already knows both languages can make any sense. Latvian grammar is just too complex for it. Sorry, I cannot offer good alternatives, but I just wanted to warn against total trust in that translator. Especially when I've seen people trying to pass those translations as knowledge of language when it's so obviously wrong.
P.S. Try to get the hand dictionary if you can. Although again, it will not help you much with grammar and sentence structure.

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Lizzy D. 3. dec 2012. 09:26 Viņas atbildes

Evolutionary, the egg would come first, because birds are such a newcomers to the world. The creatures which lay eggs happily populated the world even before coming out from the water to live on land, way before the appearance of birds, or chicken for that matter.

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Lizzy D. 30. nov 2012. 12:40 Viņas atbildes

I am using a program for it, "Tildes birojs", which among other things (e.g., a multi-language dictionary etc) also allows writing with the special Latvian characters. Without it that's... well, perhaps not impossible but at least I didn't manage to get it working.
But in MS Word it's always possible to insert the special symbols (if you know which ones to pick). And at least on my Android phone there's a reasonably good autocorrect function in Latvian which also includes the necessary characters. Also if you google in Latvian by typing words in Latvian without the special characters it will try to give you the correct spelling, although, of course, also with limitations - for words which may exist with and without special characters and therefore have different meanings (like "kazas" can be "kazas" as goats or "kāzas" as wedding). Good luck!

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Lizzy D. 18. mai 2012. 21:45 Viņas atbildes

Waltere, why an non-Italian wouldn't be qualified to answer if he/she likes pizza? Are pizzas only entitled to Italians exclusively? Poor tourists in Italy, not being allowed to try pizzas according to your view point! Poor pizza shop owners outside Italy, not being allowed to sell pizzas according to your view!
I like pizza calzone, the folded version. And once I tried also an excellently simple one, with grilled aubergine, Siciliana, if I remember correctly.

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Lizzy D. 29. apr 2012. 00:12 Viņas atbildes

To regain the trust second time.