Best places for excursion in latvia

May 12 2011 21:13

Places for partying, visiting, old places, all what latvia got for tourism :)

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Karim X. May 15 2011 20:46

You can stay for months in Latvia and never get bored :) For party Riga center and old town is the best in all Latvia even if you can find smaller fun parties in many cities. To visit well Sigulda and Turaida, Livani national park and seaside. Ventspils Kolka or more north the rocky seaside after Tuja. But well every region of Latvia has many spots worth to discover and a good summer party near a fire or a sauna can be as fun as a big club in Riga

iamWalter t. May 15 2011 18:59

but i mean russian family origin of Latvian, i repeat, latvian girls but with russian ancestrals. in riga you can easily meet those girls near the hotel roma, while the real latvian girls are around the park and the university entrance. the best place to have a chat is the skyline bar at the reval hotel but you should be there around 7 pm and be somehow smiling and well dressed and of course available to offer to drink.

Ian F. May 15 2011 14:47

Anyway, if you did want Russian girls in bikinis I understand Spain is the best place for that or Cyprus (greek side)

Rod F. May 14 2011 22:30

Sigulda, Liepaja, Saulkrisit, and many other nice places.  More importantly is th share these nice experiences with good friends and family.  Think about your best memories and stories - almost always the best memories and experiences are with people we care about.  Also, pirts was a great experience for me the first time I went, and bobsledding in Sigulda, and the Ligo nakt - now that is a terrific tradition!  Enjoy and take care of your lovely country

Blocked profile May 14 2011 17:33

go to Balvi. Churchis, museum and parks all waiting for you!

loeve d. May 14 2011 16:33

Come on guys, it's about enjoying time, it is not about girls, I don;t think people are coming to latvia just for russian girls, If it;s about russian girls then go to russia,belrussia, and ukraine more big countires,
@ waltere, it;s not about spending money,,,,it's about torrism and spending time, If it;s about money then florence isn't best place to spend money, and florence isn't world most expensive and wealthiest city....

iamWalter t. May 14 2011 16:07

i would prefer that he goes to latvia. in florence we are not interested in welcoming such people (cheap tourist with tent and fast food lover who does not spend lot of money and dress lik a tipical nordic tourist and does not take care of his body and his soul)

Lizzy D. May 14 2011 15:48

Well, I would say that you find what you are looking for. So if you are looking for russian girls in scanty bikinis, you will find them. If you are looking for other things - you can also find those other things.
But it is all up to the author of the question. Now we have stated various options, so he can pick the ones he likes. Or alternatively skip the uncultural Latvia and go to Florence instead.

iamWalter t. May 14 2011 14:32

sorry but it is jurmala offering to some this show not the other way around.

there is a proverb in my country saying the following "you find people and food that the country you are visiting is deserving"

you can critice but should accept this statement

Lizzy D. May 14 2011 11:18

I'm also confused, Ian :D But apparently each of us has his own expectations of tourism, some apparently need their russian girls in little bikinis.

Ian F. May 14 2011 09:41

I thought this blog was about tourism, now its gone to beaches and small bikinis  

iamWalter t. May 14 2011 09:17

i like to stay side by side with riga russian origin girls in jurmala becuase as foreigner i can appreciate the local customs traditions of small bikinis tatoos and thinghs like that. Of course from a cultural point of view, Jurmala and in general Latvia are not comparable to Florence or other cultural town of Europe.But i am used to see the half glass full rather than empty contrarly to you...hugs, walter

Lizzy D. May 13 2011 22:50

Walter, I have rarely ever been to Jūrmala because there are much better beaches in Latvia than the ones where you sit side by side like fishes in the can. A bit further north there are much better seaside areas.
Loeve dude, last time I visited the Ventas Rumba was this winter. Also a nice place

loeve d. May 13 2011 22:37

ooooh thanks for providing nice guidance....
I have heard about widest waterfall of europe is in rumba... is anyone being there?  

iamWalter t. May 13 2011 22:34

dear deevee you've intentionally forgotten the beautiful seaside city of Jurmala which is famous for his mansions in wood now bought by rich russian kriminals and the main boulevard where joung ladies are selling strawberries and lots of italians are walking up and down trying to chat with local folks. the trip from riga is about one hour by autostop and it is worth spending a day downthere.

Lizzy D. May 13 2011 10:53

For partying you have to go to Riga and see what it offers there (I'm no expert on that), but for visiting places I'd suggest Rundale palace (near Bauska), Sigulda and Turaida and the region around it. Actually the whole of Gauja National Park is quite scenic and if you are not afraid to get lost in forests I could tell you of some little known places there. Always a fun option is to go canoeing in Abava, Salaca or Gauja (if you go with a group of friends). And there's little interesting things hidden everywhere but it will not be like going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids. Nothing of that grand scale.

loeve d. May 12 2011 22:56

cheers man !!!!

Ian F. May 12 2011 22:00

Depends what you want to see, there are about 4 information offices in Riga that can help you

loeve d. May 12 2011 21:14

Please don't write something offensive... :)

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