Learning Latvian language

May 18 2011 17:44

This blog is just meant just to learn Latvian language.. Every body is welcomed to put few words or a sentence of Latvian language along with English for beginners :)  

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Agnese R. August 2 2011 12:29

Latvian language is very beautiful, so it will be interesting, but hard to learn. Latvian language is one of the most hardest language in the world. Very rich with old words and meanings. With beautiful and many folk. Good luck! ;)

Blocked profile May 26 2011 00:18

After sex... with a latvian gay boy you can say: Man sūrst dibens = My arse is sore! :D

Blocked profile May 26 2011 00:05

Ej dirst = Fuck you.
Atpisies = Fuck off.
And so on…    

Ian F. May 21 2011 14:33

Why is it when people talk about Latvian or Latvians it always leads back to girls and sex?   is there nothing more in life?

Lizzy D. May 21 2011 00:08

No, it didn't work on me. :D
But anyway, we digress. I'd say if the author of the blog wants sentences in latvian, why don't you just ask what you want to know in Latvian. That's much easier.

iamWalter t. May 20 2011 23:58

saying "i am rich" is enough, believe me
no neeed to specify any further
it works like that
  (for you)

Lizzy D. May 20 2011 23:51

Oh yes, your Russian origin Latvians which alternatively would wear small bikinis? Of course, I guess even a simple "I am rich, I want sex" would also work on them.

iamWalter t. May 20 2011 23:41

strange enough dear lyzzy dee vee (by the way what a strange nick you have!) but i can ensure you that it works. dont ask me how but it really works in riga for example in the skyline bar at the reval hotel. i think that LV girls are attracted by foreigner businees men because the LV men are much less attractive and fashionables

Lizzy D. May 20 2011 22:51

If you'd ask for a kiss like that, it is a rude and not so nice way of asking for a kiss. I mean, who normal person would go and say "I want kisses with tongue". Oh yes, so romantic, right...

iamWalter t. May 20 2011 22:44

dont you understand that the verbal language is not about what you exactly say but how do you say it: if i say "es gribu bucas ar meli" i clearly asked her to have a french kiss. and in latvia a french kiss is the beginning of something else that i dont want to explain here because i dont like to tell of the secrets in web

loeve d. May 20 2011 22:00

No, i am going to say this becuase i don't want my cheeks being slapped :D but it was interesting suggestion...  :D
Thanks dārgā Lizzy for corrections ;)

Lizzy D. May 20 2011 21:02

Well, I have to say that there are mistakes in Walter's Latvian.
If you really want to go to a girl and say to her "you have such a beautiful breast(s?) dear girl", then you would say "Tev ir tiešām skaistas krūtis, dārgā meitene" (and then expect your well earned slap in the face).
"tu esi" means "you are", not "you have", you wouldn't want to tell her that she is a breast, however beautiful .
and "esi viena vai ar draugiem?" means "are you alone or with friends". Details, but important.

loeve d. May 19 2011 22:00

Liels Paldies.... ;)

iamWalter t. May 19 2011 21:27

tu esi smuitis krutis, meitene
you have such a beautiful breast dear girl

esi viena vair ar draughiem??
are u alone or engaged with a friend??

do you want some other similar examples for hunting lavian girls????

loeve d. May 19 2011 16:34

oooh Atvainojiet....paldies :D

loeve d. May 19 2011 16:33


Ian F. May 19 2011 13:46

Good luck, you'll need it

loeve d. May 18 2011 18:42

The journey of conquering  daunting Latvian language begins :)

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