somewhere beyond the sea but where?

April 19 2012 14:08

everybody is talking about leaving everything and going away.. me do too..leaving the job, friends, country, traffic, .. but where to go?even we go far and far away? will we escape from ourselves? erase and rewind...

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Blocked profile April 22 2012 20:46

I know, what I know.
I never met with Waltere!
Not necessary "to play" a role of the superman!  

iamWalter t. April 22 2012 20:22

you call it phantasy but i have the fotos of our meeting
do you want that i publish it? i hope no, it would not be nice

Blocked profile April 22 2012 20:13

Waltere !
I think, that all already for a long time have understood, that you write here  your fantasy . That in a reality never was..

iamWalter t. April 22 2012 20:00

forever, pls note that i already made with you what you asked me to do and what i like the more (ie oral love)
i found it rude but a kind of love anyhow

Blocked profile April 22 2012 12:51

Your problem is - that you love only yourself... But nobody loves you.
It is very sad life.

otto s. April 22 2012 11:57

hmm, dear waltere ,
your name reminded me german gun wagner..which was used in the second world war.and remined german and italian alliances who could not share the world and caused 2 big world war and reasoned 100 million death in both world wars!!
Probably you have tones of water to get cleaned..and  alcohol to drink and forget..

so wagner,
what isee BEYOND those good looking, elegant ,gentleman,  KIND looking faces of yours  like is truly emperialist barbarian of romes with two teeth left in front..

iamWalter t. April 22 2012 10:11

to be clear with everyone here and resume my values:
i hate turkish people who do not use water to wash themsleves and smoke in the bar without doing anything

also idislike irish and uk people who have small untidy houses with kitch wallpaper (pink or purple) and floors in the living room melted with food of cats or dogs and milkpowder and dried beer old tatoos in their skin and broken theets in their mouths

i tend to hate russian families in LV with carpets in the wall (full of dust) and tv always tuned on russian channels (big brother in russian which is the same as in europe)

i only like latvian girls who are graduated and respect the men from south europe (italy) because they(LV girls) realize that they can only learn from them (italian men) and like to clean their leather shoes and prepare a continental breakfast without asking any moral commitment

otto s. April 21 2012 23:32

waltere, what is the relation between sex and the sea? actuallyi i wanted some gorgeous women answer my blog (top intelligent question!!) answer but waltere u are the only blonde on the hook!
anyway, i live in antalya kaş with my 4 wives!:)

Blocked profile April 21 2012 15:31

Waiter, a bottle of water to the corner table, please!

Blocked profile April 21 2012 14:22

"Beyond the sea" from the Baltic Sea, there is Finland and Sweden, not that many choices, unless you go sideways, so you can find Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland... Might not answer your question, but I thought that you may need some help with directions  

Blocked profile April 21 2012 13:33

No Waltere.. Not only them...
Among Europeans are  some Italians!!!!

iamWalter t. April 21 2012 10:10

so you are telling me that germans and scandinavian drunk are writing to you to have sexcam and you reply to them even if you dont like it?

is this that you are saying in your reply?

Blocked profile April 21 2012 08:37

Waltere !
Among Europeans too  is a lot of villains which too want it ! ! ! !

iamWalter t. April 21 2012 07:58

forever, i am fed up to read about stupid questions or idiot blogs, really i cannot suffer anymore that all these north african and middle east are invading baltic states with silly discussions. do you know that many latvian girls are telling me that they receive daily request for sex from all these idiots? mails with requests fro camsex or sms or everything related to virtual sex???
and you know why? because in their own houses they live with burka women who are very aggressive with them and do not copulate every day but once every year right after the end of ramadam. and they try to emigrate virtual sex in baltic states, i hope you understand my mood now

Blocked profile April 20 2012 23:18

Waltere ....You have today a bad mood???  

iamWalter t. April 20 2012 22:59

                     I  D  I  O  T    B  L  O  G

rob d. April 20 2012 15:49

Change can be good.
I left America for Europa and I am very happy that I did.

otto s. April 19 2012 14:49

The miserable have no other medicine
But only hope.
~William Shakespeare

It's all one thing - both tend into one scope -
To live upon Tobacco and on Hope,
The one's but smoke, the other is but wind.

Blocked profile April 19 2012 14:43

Is necessary to trust ....
A russian people have such statement: the hope dies last....

otto s. April 19 2012 14:40

sad but true!! no way? i still believe.. environment change and you change..

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