A million dollar question& city myth...

April 26 2012 21:23

Yep men claim that they can go for 5! At a night after drinking 2 or 3 beers..2 more beers and ... Is that true? How many can a man go? Or some men are really different as they claimed?

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Inga I. May 30 2012 02:21

really stupid question

bad b. April 29 2012 19:29

  of corse    new generation

Blocked profile April 29 2012 18:42

The "comets" went to another galaxy...

bad b. April 29 2012 16:57

???????? , where you are usual comets from usual persons  

bad b. April 29 2012 14:53

Yes , after few beers, you can do alot with normal filing  a lady who loves you at that moment?
Dont make your tank empty , you need to drive long way till 5 times , and if she like  more you are olways ready !!!! next day she  will like a next drive ,so again 5 time , probabli will be at end a litel tired ,than you discarge your tank , will not work olways with same lady , change the lady will work again .
Dont value for vegetarian , when you eat like rabit you drive  like rabit ,and you can be like rabit ,  soft fast  playboy  .
Discusion starts

iamWalter t. April 28 2012 09:44

   this is an idiot question, that's all

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