May 20 2016 19:52

hes had enough practice  here with old skin it seems!

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Blocked profile June 5 2016 00:33

totti likes cock

walter t. June 4 2016 21:36

yeah see how far that has gotten you after ten years.... no wonder you have turned to dicks now!

Blocked profile June 3 2016 20:01

I am a gentleman with important business job and busy life when I am in Latvia for work.
I don't like to visit Riga alone and I search intelligent people to speak about latvian culture and social values.
I am sensitive and I respect people and i want to be respected as well. I know what is pain in love and what is joy. I am interested in sex only after friendship and love, not before...

I dont like piercing in tongue i dont smoke and i dont like atheism or girls asking me to buy jewelry or expensive lether bags

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:36

what was your job again walter? wanking on photos and wiping old peoples bums?.....NOICE!

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:31

fuck you and your family sister brother and mother father
ihihihihi poor idiot without power and no money no job and no car

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:54

i slap your wop face forgot lol

Blocked profile May 23 2016 22:59

you go to hell and i spit your face, IDIOT!

WALTER C. May 23 2016 21:11

you empty your cock on photos lol

Blocked profile May 22 2016 21:00

i like to empty on you idiot

Blocked profile May 20 2016 22:09

ah ah ah ahhh
fck u babe idiot

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