May 29 2016 14:57

nasty old no life woppy!

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Walter t. June 5 2016 21:57

spunk breath!

Blocked profile June 5 2016 00:22

sperma head

walter t. June 4 2016 21:31


walter t. June 4 2016 21:31

oh no! not your  1000" friends"! scared!!!

Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:43

if you dont stop i call my dear friends, idiot!

walter t. June 2 2016 14:00

you have cancer of the brain motherfucka! and cancer of the cock....judging by how small it is in your wank on photos videos! lol

Blocked profile June 1 2016 23:06

WALTER THEFAKEELZAWOP hope you die of cancer idiot

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:30

its common knowledge walter is a nonse! lol

jeff j. May 31 2016 21:46

Where do you get all information on Walter do you know the idiot?

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:08

if you dont stop of harassing me i call the webmaster and show all these evidences of pishing

walter t. May 30 2016 16:55

yes but not as awful as your goofy horse teeth shitstain!

Blocked profile May 29 2016 18:38

disgusting so little so awful

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