June 4 2016 21:37

to match his dyed hair on head! weird fucka!

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walter t. June 10 2016 21:46

he blocks anyone who upsets him . a fuckin child lol

Garry G. June 10 2016 20:42

Walter has blocked me i wonder why maybe because of messages i sent him and wrote on his Rio blog?

walter t. June 10 2016 00:55

He also likes emptying his bollock yoghurt on photos lol

walter t. June 10 2016 00:54

Walter likes cosmetics on men's faces! Gets his cock stiff!

Blocked profile June 5 2016 22:18

this you palmer you idiot

Walter t. June 5 2016 21:55

i see you have adjusted this photo with a womens cosmetics effect! you are definitely a gender bender transgender gender fluid faggot! gets your cock stiff a mans face with cosmetics on i see!     

Blocked profile June 5 2016 02:06

idiot i think this you

Blocked profile June 5 2016 00:18

false informaton idiot

Blocked profile June 4 2016 21:49

can you write in my blog luzdu

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