is this wrong?

March 17 2010 16:35

for a man in his say 40's or 50's to comment a photo of say a 17 year old girl saying she is pretty or even worse sexy. Personally I think it is.

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Answers (5)

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Lizzy D. march 17 2010 22:05 Her answers

This always make me think of this song :D

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Blocked profile march 19 2010 01:35 Her answers

It's good if she's 17, not 12.
As for me, I think they shouldn't write such things even to me, although I'm 20. pedofiles.

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lion i. march 19 2010 19:09 His answers

It is wrong....Maybe he can say pretty but he mustnt write she is sexy.....

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Winston C. march 20 2010 19:32 His answers

Loosers, assholes, perverts...

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everestkurt k. march 21 2010 02:35 His answers

well this is done mostly by us-american perverted farmers..:)))

legally he can do it when the girl is over 18..

morally he shouldn't..

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