Whats the fascination with Latvija?

May 6 2010 16:13

OK its a beautiful country especially outside Riga, I have friends there that i've worked with. I find the place interesting and certainly the language is to. I go there and I can meet friends (male ones to) and see new places.

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Lizzy D. may 7 2010 21:40Her answers

I am born and raised Latvian, so this country will always have a special place in my heart. Especially the rich folklore and culture that makes me proud to be part of it.

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Blocked profile may 6 2010 19:01 Her answers

wow...you like Latvia!:)):)):)) I'm suprise.:)):)):)) but witch country is better, Latvia or UK?

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Liene L. may 6 2010 22:05 Her answers

The fresh air, good food, forests, sea, song festivals, folk festivals and other major, unic events. For us latvians - our great poets, writers, sportsmen, musicians and all other people we must be proud of. ;)

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Blocked profile may 6 2010 22:24 His answers

soooo cold...sooo soo cold..even in July..and the buildings from 70s...a completly different culture and country for me..(for a Turk)..but yeah..it is nice place..nice ppl who can have fun all the time..and lots of  activities..there You cant never get bored..but climate is a bit unusual...

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eM r. may 6 2010 22:37 His answers

I guess no one will say but I do, the most beautiful girls I ve ever seen....

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Blocked profile may 7 2010 08:48 His answers

I'm from Wales (which has some of the most beautiful lansdcsapes in the world) but I like Latvia because it's different. Although there are a lot of similarities (song festivals, capital city the same size, unique language, nice people, etc), it's just very different. I like that !

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Winston C. may 7 2010 21:00 His answers

All that Liene wrote plus, live and work here, all said!

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