What percentage of women who use networking websites believe that they will find true love on the net ?

April 24 2012 13:17
April 24 2012 15:41

P.S. My Stats on why men who surf networking websites
15% crossed the border into what is called senior citizen
10% dont know what they want from www but will not reject the offers of sex
20% have the money but no time to spend in other social places and find this the easy way but they do not look for love
30% Just looking for sex, fun, non committal relations...this is the young crowd
10% just passing time not looking for anything .. again do not say no to sex
10% Just looking to trap innocent women for whatever reasons  (including sex) with a show of body, money or "so called intelligence"
5% is my guess who may look for real relationship ..... it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack ........

Tough Job :)) It is good to admit things once in a while :))

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Blocked profile april 24 2012 14:44 Her answers

Same percentage  as to men!  

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Lizzy D. april 24 2012 22:39 Her answers

Well, maybe for the women you can also add a category of "is there just for to have fun, no sex, no relationships" Dunno what's the percentage I'd represent in that category.
So I cannot really help with statistics because my study population is too small. You'd need a larger population to draw statistically significant results.

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iamWalter t. april 25 2012 21:20 His answers

        T H I S   I S   A N    I  D  I  O  T    Q  U  E  S  T  I  O  N  !  !  !

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h n. april 26 2012 23:09 His answers

0.0% looking for real relationship , 100% they don't believe this sh** but still looking ?? 4 what ??! I don't know

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Kevin M. april 27 2012 15:33 His answers

they are looking to chat shit i think:)

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bad b. april 27 2012 16:19 His answers

you faund samting _?

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