what do women want from life?

August 7 2011 08:18

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Blocked profile august 7 2011 18:38Her answers

More or less the same what men want from life. Depending on personality, the same as the wishes of men may vary.

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rahul r. august 7 2011 10:10 His answers

I think be young all life

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Ian F. august 7 2011 15:31 His answers

lots of shoes  

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Blocked profile august 7 2011 09:01 Her answers

Only be  loved....

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Blocked profile august 7 2011 16:34 His answers

Seem to me most look to find real love and to be treated like someone really cares
about them as a person and not just for sex.

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orhan t. august 9 2011 19:49 His answers

what they want?
nothing for depends on you
what do you want ?
means that everywomen want to be good life and good men also family
what about you.?

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