what a woman wants?:) a million dollar question!!

May 11 2010 20:10

u know,, it is hard to understand women.even women dont always understand themselves... i am not trying to understand anymore.i guess i understood them.i am 35 now and it took my 35 years to understand them. as a man i confess that women are more intelligent than men and they do know to live the life.. i know that what a woman wants? as cyndi lauper said
girls wanna have some fun? (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs4wb_cindy-lauper-girls-just-wanna-have_music) or they are bit materialistic now of modern world as madonna sang. materail girl...(http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsbwe_madonna-material-girl_music)or  what?????????:)

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Blocked profile may 11 2010 20:35Her answers

It seams, that you had very complicated females in your life...

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Angelina S. may 11 2010 21:02 Her answers

jast real love.

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rob d. may 11 2010 23:08 His answers

you do not need to understand all women
you just need to understand one
that is all it takes

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Roosevelt T. may 11 2010 20:20 His answers

girls dont care what man want...they just care about what they want ....thus dont care what a woman want... care what you want...

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orhan t. may 11 2010 22:36 His answers

just a good and rich husband

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Ian F. may 11 2010 22:50 His answers

Orhan money ain't everything and Eric by the way hates women with an opinion. Girls do care Eric but not about very abusive men!!!!

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eM r. may 11 2010 23:21 His answers

a woman wants whatever all others already have... ;)

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Blocked profile may 11 2010 23:49 His answers

I look at it like this "We're men we do and say dumb things" seems if we admit to  this part of ourselves, most women see we do try, trying is the biggest part of it.

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Winston C. may 12 2010 21:47 His answers

Surely no woman wants you!!!

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