Why women never go alone to the toilet???

May 16 2010 19:40

Why women never o alone to the toilet??? The eternal question among men...

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Blocked profile may 17 2010 22:04His answers

Beacuse only in toilet they can speak about men at the Bar, Restaurant or where ever they are, without other know it, so the important is; we men have to be more nice with women, because they are more smart about sex that what we are

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Brainwork B. may 16 2010 20:48 His answers

One must give the other "paper"!

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Roosevelt T. may 16 2010 22:57 His answers

They shouldnt be alone....someone can rape them !!!

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Blocked profile may 16 2010 23:02 His answers

because she likes to talk all time with someone ,even at toilet

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lion i. may 16 2010 23:08 His answers

maybe they can find a foreıgner in there

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eM r. may 17 2010 02:14 His answers

possibly can be the same feeling why we, men, do not like to go to bed alone ;)

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Ian F. may 17 2010 02:17 His answers

♥♥♥ ♂  is right, they like a chat

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orhan t. may 17 2010 20:15 His answers

perhaps they dont want to be alone or just to be somebody

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