Women dont want the men to lie but truth does not get appreciation ??

April 21 2012 10:45

A man advertises on the website with his picture and seeks true love, serious relationship and after knowing a person wants sex ........

and on the other side

There is a man who advertises that he is simply looking for sex and does not offer any serious relationship ......... but is a good man

Which profile will the woman choose to go for  and why ??

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Blocked profile april 21 2012 13:40Her answers

It is difficult to give one right answer on this question.
The first. In the announcement almost never write the truth of 100 %.
The second. Will answer on announcement which conforms to desire of the person.
Namely - If is necessary a love  - will answer the first announcement. If only sex - will answer the second...

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Blocked profile april 21 2012 14:27 His answers

Hehehehe, the virtual world!  

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iamWalter t. april 22 2012 20:03 His answers

                      IDIOT QUESTION

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Roger K. april 21 2012 23:14 His answers

You are rite buddy. They dont want us to lie, but when they cheat and lie is not big deal for them

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rob d. april 22 2012 21:01 His answers

Trick question.  Women never meet men through websites!

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Blocked profile april 22 2012 21:35 Her answers

Well, point 1: what is the point of him being a good man if he's only there for sex and as soon as it's done, then get out of the bed and off you go?
But indeed, it depends on what the woman wants. If she wants a true relationship, then she will go for the first one and will be disappointed if it turns out he's lied and is only there for sex. And if she's looking for sex, then she'll go for the second guy directly.
It's not about preferring lies or truth, it's about what the woman wants - serious relationship or only a fling.

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