Why some people lie if they face simple daily problems?

June 7 2010 18:08

Why some people lie if they face simple daily problems?

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Ricardo D. june 7 2010 19:40 His answers

There are people that, not to have to face the smallest difficulty even in daily life lie and lie and fie, sometimes for basicly nothing. The last woman with whom I lived was exactly like that!!! But obviously they are always easily catched and they're lifes insted of getting easier, with time usualy become a living hell...    

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orhan t. june 7 2010 20:21 His answers

there are many reasond but so many soltions for them why do they use lying
many people say but not always truth
when a person wanna hear lie do they trust them and think of that is ok

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Blocked profile june 8 2010 12:04 His answers

People that lie to your face do not care How they treat
others, and like to tell lies, no they are not normal
people because these people like for things to be there
way only, so if it sounds right to them all the lies they
tell then lieing is fun to them, so they keep telling lies all
the time, some people even do this to control other people,
and even to get there own way they will tell lies.

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Winston C. june 8 2010 21:00 His answers

Farag, Farag... Seems that you have never lied in your life and everyone wants to be your friend now... So what do you say to your wife and kids when you going on the internet, keeping one of your hands under the keyboard? hehehehe!  

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Roosevelt T. june 9 2010 00:30 His answers

the problem is not that...the problem is what should be done for pedofiles in the World...like as Winston

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Ian F. june 9 2010 16:38 His answers

I am confused by the keywords on this blog 'love, girls, woman, friendship and marriage'  Farag you are wierd lol

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rob d. june 10 2010 01:37 His answers

at the root of every lie is fear.

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