Why do love pain so much???

September 4 2010 02:07

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barzin m. september 4 2010 02:45 His answers

because the person U Love U build it in UR heart & mid & UR blood....
its not easy to forget about it... if the person cheat on her or on him .. then is stupid
to think about it .. its not worth it. i thinks ............is the worst pain ever..

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Blocked profile september 4 2010 04:13 His answers

i personaly dont belive on Such Word( LOVE). love is some thing more explanable to your child ,Not your partner! well i have to say this is my personal opinion and i dont like to effend Any body due!

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Blocked profile september 4 2010 04:40 His answers

It's problem we bring to ourselves, we try to love and trust another  to get the same
in return, well that's something that might not happen, you give then get hurt, but we still try to believe that that one person is out there for us and we'll find them, believe me I'm still looking

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orhan t. september 4 2010 11:45 His answers

if you met a wrong man or boy you would do more pain so try to choose right one you will be happy

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castro v. september 4 2010 11:47 His answers

love  pain  as  much  u  will  love  him.......

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eM r. september 4 2010 12:18 His answers

because love includes pain in it's nature, and humankind also likes pain...  

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wahid m. september 4 2010 17:27 His answers

becose i am lucky

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Fuc k. september 4 2010 17:59 His answers

becouse this a love
love is mean first one if you can You should be aware that suffered resistant.....so its a pain in the life

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Roosevelt T. september 5 2010 15:04 His answers

Somebody raped Winston  when he was a child....that is why he has social problems....This systematic sape continued for 3 years....from that time Winston hate from people.....He was just 10 years old a child when he raped by one of his relative

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rahul r. september 5 2010 16:37 His answers

becoz love and pain r sister

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Michel D. september 5 2010 18:58 His answers

Love is not the pain ! Love is not billig! Love makes so much light ! kiss

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lion i. september 5 2010 21:28 His answers

ıt comes fron in us

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Blocked profile september 6 2010 05:03 His answers

f==k f==k f==k
no love apart from f==k

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ILCapo D. september 6 2010 05:47 His answers

the pain comes from the child that live inside our self ,,, every single one from us have smalllll baby live inside him or her ..

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Blocked profile september 6 2010 14:08 His answers

Beacuse love evry think in the life but sham some one nevr know about love and yes am in the pain new but what can u do nobody belive that is problem and I don't belive some one say if u not have any more lover then u can fain other love but to me I can love evry day with other girl I love one what I thinking and am still happy with this pain. But I don't know for how long

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otto s. september 6 2010 16:15 Her answers

love hurts!! if it doesnt hurt,i fuck that love.. love must hurt

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