atention this name Linda Ozolina is fake if she talk with any1 plz do not reply cos she is fake

November 25 2010 01:11

ATENTION  this name Linda Ozolina  is fake if she talk with any1 plz do not reply cos she is fake

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Lizzy D. november 26 2010 11:09Her answers

many people here are fake, so why do you worry about this particular one? Besides, giving a name only doesn't help at all. Linda is a quite common name, Ozolina is an extremely common surname in Latvian. As "Mmmm Tuncis" correctly indicated, there are many profiles with that name, and that doesn't mean that they are all fake.

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Blocked profile november 25 2010 14:37 His answers

Which one? there are 23 profiles here on Amigos with the name "Linda Ozolina"

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ILCapo D. november 25 2010 22:13 His answers

:-? perhaps yes perhaps no

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Blocked profile november 25 2010 22:50 Her answers

Who cares?  

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Ian F. november 26 2010 10:01 His answers

she turned you down then  

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Karim X. november 27 2010 19:35 His answers

And who knows her real name or sex.. amigos is a playing ground, people often don't give their real ID.. and actually I agree about.. Otherwise here are serious people looking for relationship or fun or money or nothing..

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