France or Latvia??

April 11 2012 23:57
April 14 2012 19:20

Why in the fucking hell you guys bitching on every single question ,just shut the fuck up and just answer it as it says motherfuckers _l_

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Blocked profile april 12 2012 10:40 His answers

And why not Burkina Faso or Micronesia? Makes as much sense as that question!

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rob d. april 12 2012 20:00 His answers

France for the toast and the fries, Latvia for everything else.

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Burak A. april 13 2012 00:45 His answers

Absoulutly Latvia....

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Lizzy D. april 13 2012 10:31 Her answers

Or maybe Spain? Or Germany? Or Australia? Or New Zealand? Why such a narrow choice?
By the way, Rob, French fries have nothing to do with France. You maybe want to look into Flemish fries.

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iamWalter t. april 14 2012 09:35 His answers

Lizzy Dee Vee?? How come that you intentionally forgot I T A L Y ????

this is the reward for having spent a week in Florence upon my $ budget?

thank you for your kind availibility to having been in my house and not even mentioned Italy in your reply

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