Hi! I have some problems! Maybe someone can help!

3. jūn 2010. 22:56

For some reason I can not send or even reply to any messages. Anyone knows why????!!!
So if you know, please do tell me what could be possibly wrong???!!

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JOHN C. 6. jūn 2010. 08:41Viņa atbildes

put your real picture then it will work....

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Lizzy D. 3. jūn 2010. 22:59 Viņas atbildes

Any messages or only messages to certain people? If only to certain people and they're not on your friend list, then there's a daily limit for messages you can send on amigos. Befriend them and maybe you can send again.

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Roosevelt T. 3. jūn 2010. 23:02 Viņa atbildes

Huseyin Mercan can answer ...pls ask him  

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orhan t. 4. jūn 2010. 16:45 Viņa atbildes

pls open ur message setting and do the regularly and reopened
will be ok

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Winston C. 4. jūn 2010. 21:15 Viņa atbildes

Seems that Eric "Roosevelt Truman" is in love with Huseyin Mercan!!! When are you getting married?

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Dzēsts profils 4. jūn 2010. 23:45 Viņa atbildes

Maybe your an idiot, you got here didn't you?

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Dzēsts profils 5. jūn 2010. 23:27 Viņa atbildes

no idea if cannot do this try using amigos through internet explorer or firefox mozilla

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rob d. 7. jūn 2010. 05:15 Viņa atbildes

so how did you fix it?